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The services offered by Blend-HC have been put into place to ensure the financial success of every property we manage. By concentrating our efforts only in the hotel industry and not diluting our focus through involvement in other property types, we have been able to hone our management services to a level providing outstanding client satisfaction.

Hotel Management

We directly manage hotels on behalf of financial investors in hotel real estate, whose primary objective is to maximise overall return on capital employed through the hold period. We are entirely independent of hotel brands and will leverage maximum value from the selected brand partner, regardless of the location, size or style of the property. As such, our fee arrangements and our focus are absolutely aligned with the financial interests of the owner and we offer the flexibility to adapt our terms accordingly.

Asset Management

Acting on behalf of owners of hotel assets we will ensure that all aspects of our relationship with the operator are optimised to drive the maximum return on investment in line with your stated investment requirements. Acting for corporate and individual hoteliers we will apply focused resource to challenging assets requiring turnaround solutions and assist as required with portfolio planning to maximise returns on capital employed.

Acquisition and Development Support

Acting on behalf of corporate hoteliers, on a retained basis, we offer the ability to accelerate your development aims and objectives across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Acting for real estate investors, private investors or private equity funds we are able to identify asset investment opportunities that meet specific geographic, market level and return on equity requirements.

Strategic Planning and Portfolio Reviews

As a precursor to the above services, or as an ongoing part of our relationship, we will collaborate with your internal teams carefully to plan your successful investment strategy for the hotel sector - whether you are new to the sector and considering your first investment, or an experienced investor seeking to enhance returns.


BLEND-HC is led by a group of experienced advisors with varied professional backgrounds. Together, they work to provide the best quality advice, the right challenge and direction, both to our team and to our clients.


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One does not win through better sameness, one wins through uniqueness.

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A bright vision: Seeing the big picture and infinite, minute details.


With Pride & Pleasure

Management of hotels under international franchise brand standards or by creating a brand specificly for the project.

Lykia World Antalya

Lykia World Antalya

Listana Hotel Istanbul

Listana Hotel Istanbul


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Market and Feasibility Studies Hotel market study An effective way to assess the potential market demand within an area. It is especially useful for entering new locations or for decisions relating to expansion or growth. Our feasibility study will include detailed information on the following:

Market area analysis of primary and secondary competitors Market area demand analysis and forecasted demand patterns Complete area overview of city/location Economic overview of immediate area Conclusions on market opportunity within the identified hotel sector The market and financial feasibility study This study remains the most trusted way of assessing the likely future trading for an intended hotel / resort project. The study provides a detailed analysis of the market factors culminating in a full five year P&L forecast, including: Site and support cluster information Market area supply and demand analysis Area overview of city/location Economic overview of immediate area Hotel sector overview Statement of estimated annual operating results Business model with investment returns The market feasibility and branding study It is used to determining the demand for a hotel project and assessing which brands would most closely fit within the market opportunity, construction budget and owner’s desire to retain or sell the investment, includes: Site and support cluster information Market area supply and demand analysis Area overview of city/location Economic overview of immediate area Hotel sector overview Branding and hotel brands available Optimal hotel brand and information on brand standards and cost profile Statement of estimated annual operating results Business model with forecast investment returns of hotels/resorts Owners representative Services We represent the owners and investors to negotiate the best deal for management company/brands worldwide. We provide full audits, reports/plans of action. Monthly review of results and monthly property visits as well as annual budgets and marketing plans reviews. Master Planning Consultancy We believe that any investors or owners contemplating capital investment in a specific site should develop a clear master plan which justifies the investment, lays the foundation for future investment and sets out how this is to be achieved. It should be a working document which is used and modified as functions, objectives and other parameters change. Our approach is to achieve four main objectives: Align the site with a clear strategy based on the feasibility study and justification for capital investment which clearly highlights the benefits to the business Thoroughly assess the gaps with the current site and its readiness to achieve the objectives set out by its management team Set out a phased capital investment over an agreed time period with cash flow and risk analysis which is clearly presented Provide a hotel/resort brief to the architect and work towards a conclusion of the master plan There are three phases to reach the objectives: Strategic intent and gap analysis Feasibility design and option development Assessment of options and presentation of final report Pre-opening Consultancy The first year of a hotel or resort is fundamental for its positioning. An organized opening of the hotel assures a greater efficiency of service and guest satisfaction and as consequence they assure better cost effectiveness, revenue opportunities and operating projects. Our approach is as follows: Feasibility study Hotel/resort and facilities brief Consulting during design and build stages of the project Development of pre-opening and manning budgets and working capital guidelines Developing of food and beverage operating concepts Identification, hiring, training of department heads and operational personnel Recommendations of acquisitions of all necessary IT and operating equipment Development and implementation of marketing, advertising, public relations and sales plan Brand Creation / Brand Identity Consultancy Hotel brand names can be a big part of the marketing of any type of hospitality ventures. One must either be purchased through a franchise license agreement or membership or created independently. A brand helps provide an identity and a sense of consistency. Creation of a brand is something Absolute Hotel Services can provide to investors and owners based on the brief of expectation and market environment study, all deliverables including brand identity manual. Brand creation includes three phases: Phase 1 Review of competitive brand environment both current and future in target markets Conclusion of the proposed brand’s competitive set Proposed brand positioning in relation to the competitive set Identification and audit of target customer profile, mindset, purchase patterns and demographics Phase 2 Brand Vision statement which will be the call to action Brand Mission statement which is the road map to vision execution Brand pillars which form the foundation of the brand Brand points of difference in product, service, pricing and distribution versus the brand competitive set Brand name and logo Brand promise and mantra Phase 3 Brand Design Guidelines/Technical Standards Manuals to ensure expansion or rebranding consistency Development road map location recommendations which will enable both pure hotel management contracts and investment positions Brand Manual preparation including Operations/HR/Finance/Sales/Marketing/PR /Revenue Management/ Pre-opening processes Brand job profiles Brand training programs Full brand identity Manual

Management Services

Technical Services and Pre-opening Assistance We recommend hotel or project owners to get us involved as early as possible for the project as it will help set smoother operations, meet the target date of opening or launching of the project and financially profitable to the owners. For the scope of services we provide the followings:

  • Feasibility study
  • Hotel/resort and facilities brief
  • Consulting during design and build stages of the project
  • Development of pre-opening and manning budgets and working capital guidelines
  • Developing of food and beverage operating concepts
  • Identification, hiring, training of department heads and operational personnel
  • Recommendations of acquisitions of all necessary IT and operating equipment
  • Development and implementation of marketing, advertising, public relations and sales plan

Note: For Technical Services and Pre-opening assistance can only be provided in conjunction with management contracts.

Hotel Management Contract  We manage independent hotels and resorts on behalf of investors and owners. Our management terms are negotiable based on duration and fees.

Absolute Hotel Services is a company providing hospitality services, consultancy and management with regional offices based in Bangkok/Thailand, Hanoi/Vietnam and Mumbai/India.

Our Approach

  • Providing a unique range of hospitality services and consultancy and on an a la carte basis. Tailor made partner centric solutions.
  • We work closely and openly with our partners, ensuring that we deliver honest and result focused solutions.
  • We pride ourselves on our friendly and personal approach as well as in-depth understanding of the industry. Our underlying value is our team and what that team can achieve on behalf of our partners.

Our Mission

  • To operate hotels and resorts providing all hospitality related services from our partner’s perspective ensuring the required results are met and even exceeded.
  • To provide tailor made solutions to the specific desires of our partners.

Steps of Defining Market Strategy:

Developing a market strategy is a vital step for every successful business that bring together all the strategic areas which define the public expression of their company (e.g. its marketing strategy, distribution methods, sales processes, distribution methods, and more). Developing market strategy at the beginning, can also avoid having to undertake market repositioning soon after.

The best word to describe what a succinct market strategy should be is “clarity”. Today there is information overload, we have all the data that we could need about our business activities (and for our competitors’ activities), but we need a system to plan, organize and analyze this information to make it useful. This system forms the market strategy.

The main steps to develop your market strategy are as follows:

Define your target markets

One of the most important mistakes that business owners commonly make is considering that their product is suitable for everybody. Actually, to be successful in marketing their product, they need to define its target markets, otherwise they can confuse the market and in reality effect negatively on sales.

Some target markets will extend to individual businesses instantly, but others will take more time to develop. To define less-apparent target markets, many companies have to find solutions for the gaps in the market, who the consumers of the product are, the markets that the products could be find easily and at a compatible price, etc.


Define your target customers

Once you identify the target markets, next step is to start to define what the target customers look like in terms of who they are, their behaviors, and their experiences.

To be more successful in the market strategy, the company have to know about its targeting customer. To determine target customers, you have to find out several answers such as what problems this product solves, who the end user of this product is, what the customer experiences are.


Define your brand positioning

Brand positioning is a crucial element of business, the company should investigate the following subjects before developing its market strategy. These are how the brand is different from its competitors and where its exact place in the market is.

After a business/a company has positioned its brand in the mind of their customers, they can move on to define their product offering.



Define your product offering

Unique Selling Point includes the product’s key features and points of interest, which should perfectly set it apart from the competitors.

While this process is going through, companies should give more attention on how their product solves their customers’ problems than what their product does.


Choose your marketing channels

There are two main ways of marketing channels these are inbound and outbound forms of marketing. These ways include blogs, social media posts, social media advertisements, email newsletter sign up, podcasts, online videos, direct mail to the target customers, tele-marketing, flyers, television, radio and magazine advertisements, online reputation services.

Companies should choose their best marketing channels in their sectors to reach maximum number of customers. If the company is a high street business, it would be better to use outbound channels such as newspaper, TV and radio advertisements. On the other hand if the company is online-based, it should use inbound channels appropriate to its web-based market, for instance social media marketing and online marketing. Creativity is very important in using the most reachable channels (such as blogs), the company should give some budget for it. In the meantime the companies should carefully integrate extra channels with their main channels, in connection with branding and the language used, to confirm customers receive a regular message.


Applying the market strategy

Companies those develop the market strategies for new products frequently use the advantages of the experiences of their competitors who have come before them and search for the marketers who find out successful products in the past to use their professional experience and their customer portfolio.

Successful market strategies are based on a company which defines the right target customer, asks itself the right questions, just on time, in the right place and order. It takes a long-term strategy to build a constantly cost-effective marketing strategy for a product (or series of products), and for that reason it can take several months to prove the strategy you choose is successful. Though, a correctly organized strategy will refund the work put into the steps above, if the company starts with the best optimized product, for the best targeted customer, in the best market.

​The financial services group provides a specialist assurance and advisory service to firms across the whole of the financial services market including banking, capital markets, insurance, investment management and funds and retail financial services.

The financial services industry is a complex environment. It is highly regulated, constantly under pressure to deliver profit and growth with customer needs and expectations consistently evolving.

We have an in-depth understanding of these complexities and challenges. We work closely with our clients by making our partners accessible and utilising their experience to provide expert guidance and bespoke solutions. Their experience and expertise is supported by a team of qualified and experienced advisory professionals.